Nature-based solutions

Motionwall™ - is an affordable, non-invasive monitoring system that can be fitted to any structure or retaining wall.

What is it?

Nature-based precast solutions is a joint venture between JP Concrete and the University of Liverpool. The research will investigate using bio-concrete to create more resilient and environmentally friendly precast walls for building retaining structures and infrastructure projects.

What are the objectives?


Minimise the carbon footprint for manufacturing nature-based reinforced concrete.


Replace ordinary concrete with bio-concrete, preventing the formation of cracks.


Reduce the cost of replacing existing structural walls that are deteriorating.



Cracks in concrete are common, as a result of its low tensile strength. The durability of concrete is affected by the cracks, as they provide an easy path for liquids and gasses to get to reinforcement. If cracks grow and liquid reaches the reinforcement, it will weaken the concrete and corrode the steel. Controlling crack widths will reduce maintenance and repair costs and extend the life-span of a concrete structure.


Seawalls and breakwaters are used for waterfronts, harbours, and foreshores. These structures protect shorelines and coastal areas against erosion and protect low-lying areas of land. Artificial structures currently used for coastal armouring have radically altered the marine environment.


Approximately 5% of the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by humans comes from cement production. As a result, there is growing interest in developing low-carbon cement. More environmentally friendly alternatives to cement are needed to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete structures.

Retaining walls are the ideal entry point for this technology.  Once tested, Motionwall’s innovation will be rolled out to other structures such as bridges, tunnels and culverts.

Motionwall Features

Structural Monitoring

Multiple sensors record and monitor a structure's health

Predictive Analysis

IoT allows machine learning and predictive analysis

Cloud Technology

Reduce costs and increase flexibility in monitoring

Front-end Application

Custom user interface to display data and alert system

Project Partners