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Motionwall™ - is an affordable, non-invasive monitoring system that can be fitted to any structure or retaining wall.

Save up to 90% on monitoring systems​

Motionwall™ provides a low-cost hardware and software solution for structural monitoring and removes the need for destructive evaluation.

Structural Health Monitoring identifies potential risks, faults and damage before they occur. Due to high costs, most monitoring projects are limited to high-risk structures. For example, the labour and hardware needed to install monitoring equipment on bridge structures can cost up to £30,000 for a hub installation. Smaller-scale projects cannot justify this level of investment and so are not used.

Our objective is to use a combination of low-cost sensors and automated software to create a non-invasive and affordable supportive monitoring system, suitable for any structure.

What it does

Motionwall™ sensors monitor five key elements


Capture temperature data to monitor the local climate.


Assess the water vapour levels within the concrete.


Record the acceleration in the X, Y and Z-axis.


Monitor vibration levels on the structure's surface.


Measure the moisture levels if dampness is detected.


Motionwall™ sensors have a variety of uses for different sectors. 


Extended life-cycle performance on walls​ to avoid expensive maintenance & replacement costs, resulting in more cost-effective waste management.


The sensors can automatically warn of the reopening of a crack or new damage to a repaired portion of a structure.


Motionwall has the capability to be adapted and can be applied to a variety of sensors and parameters in all environmental conditions.

Retaining walls are the ideal entry point for this technology.  Once tested, Motionwall’s innovation will be rolled out to other structures such as bridges, tunnels and culverts.

Motionwall Features

Structural Monitoring

Multiple sensors record and monitor a structure's health

Predictive Analysis

IoT allows machine learning and predictive analysis

Cloud Technology

Reduce costs and increase flexibility in monitoring

Front-end Application

Custom user interface to display data and alert system

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